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Paddle Reviews

Omega Evolution Extreme X 5/8 inch


I just had the opportunity to try out the Omega Evolution Extreme X 5/8 inch paddle.  This is an elongated paddle with a 5 1/2” handle.  The extra length made it easier to return wide shots and overhead shots.  I was able to cover more of the court without having to move as much.


This paddle weighs 8.0 ounces making it great for people who are looking for a paddle at the higher end of the mid-weight category.  This gives the paddle a good balance of control and power.

The Omega Evolution Extreme X 5/8 inch paddle has a thicker core at .63” and it did give me more control over the ball than the paddles that have a thinner core.  This helped me reduce popups and keep the dinks close to the net as well as keep the balls in the court.


Because of the thicker core, I expected to have to use more power to get my shots deep but while serving with this paddle it felt like I didn’t need to use as much power to serve the ball to the back court line.

The paddle has medium grip circumference and fit my hand well. It has a very soft, padded, comfortable grip making it much more pleasant to hold for long periods and to hit the ball with less impact to my hand. 

The textured surface does make it easier to add spin to my return with both the backhand and forehand stroke.

This is a great paddle for someone who is looking to have more control in their game and reduce their out-of-bound shots and for someone who needs help reaching those wide shots.

I want to thank Pickleball Central for providing this paddle for me to review.

Omega Evolution Extreme 5/8 inch

I had the opportunity to try out the new Omega Evolution Extreme x 5/8-inch paddle.

This is a standard paddle with average face and 5-inch handle.


I normally use a paddle with an elongated surface and this paddle is much like my first paddle. The grip is more suited for someone with larger hands than myself, so I also had a couple of men try it out.


I enjoyed using the paddle and felt that it had a soft touch and suite my level of and style of play which is more of a soft game. This paddle is more suited for a control/touch style of play and that is the feedback I received from the gentlemen who also used this paddle.


The thing I liked most about the paddle is its control/soft touch play. I feel that this paddle is best used for newer players working on control and skills. The paddle inspires confidence with dinks and serves.


The other players who tried the paddle had mostly positive comments regarding the feel and touch of the paddle. The players who prefer harder play & use slams/smashes suggested that this paddle is best used for softer play than they prefer.


I want to thank Pickleball Central for the opportunity to participate in this paddle review and providing the Demo paddle. I especially enjoyed the fact that his forced myself to really concentrate on how I contact the ball, and the reaction of the paddle to my hits.

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