Where and When We Play

We play at the Dallas Pickleball Courts when the weather permits.  The normal days and times are listed under Club Play.


There are two methods people use to coordinate play outside of these times.  One is Teamreach and the other is playtimescheduler.com.

Beginner lessons are available for anybody interested in learning this sport.  Please see the lessons section for when and where.

Club Play Location in Dallas, Oregon

Outdoor Dallas Courts

Outdoor Play - weather permitting

Mon, Wed, Fri, 9am to 12pm


Our club offer free lessons. We focus on basic introductions to the various skills needed to play, safety tips, strategy and court positioning. We would recommed that if you are a new player, you take a few lessons before joining our club during regular play. This will give you some confidence and a better sense of game play.


Currently, beginner lessons are every Wednesday at the tennis courts across from the pickleball facility.

teamreach logo.jpg

Teamreach is an application you put on your phone. We use it to communicate changes to play times for club play. People also use it to setup up times to play outside of club play times.

Install this on your phone from the Google play store for Android phones or the App store for iPhones.  The Teamreach.com website has links to the application.

Once you install the application enter "barberry" in the group code to join our group.


Playtime scheduler is a website that is used to schedule time to play outside of the club play times.  It is free to join. You can see what events are already scheduled for a specific week and who is already signed up to play.  Click here to go to the site: playtimescheduler.com



To see where you rank as a player, download the USAPA or IFP Player Skill Ranking Defintions