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About Us

Club Purpose

Dallas Pickleball Club is located in Dallas, Oregon and is committed to promoting and teaching the game of pickleball to individuals of all ages while encouraging sportsmanship and camaraderie through fun and exercise.


History of Dallas Pickleball Club

June 13, 2013: The beginning. This is believed to be the date of the first meeting.  The people in attendance were Dick Winn, Butch Nelson, and Gary Epperly.

November 2013: First published notice of pickleball in Dallas in the Boomer & Senior News Publication.

September 14, 2015: First formal report. It was a financial report.

August 28, 2016: Bill White contacted the city of Dallas personnel to propose dedicated pickleball courts for the city.

March 4, 2017 and May 26, 2017: Bill White meets with the city of Dallas contact AJ Foscoli (Director of Development)

June 5, 2017: Official club established by vote of current players.  Dallas Pickleball Club / Officers Karen (Pres.) Gail (VP) Lavita (sec.) Gary (Tr.)

June 30, 2017: First pickleball demonstration at "Tuesday on the Square" in downtown Dallas.

August 30, 2017: Construction begins on site of dedicated pickleball courts across from the Aquatic Center.

October 27, 2017: First official club finance report and member count (53) to date.

November 8, 2017: Dedication of 4 pickleball courts by City Mayor, club members and their families.

April 2018: First members tournament organized by Kimberly Strong which was very successful, a credit to all participants.

July 4, 2018: First advertised invitational tournament (Financially, a monetary success)

December 28, 2018: Bill White passing due to cancer.  It was his and Janet's 50th wedding anniversary.

January 4, 2019: Meeting with City of Dallas (Eric Totten) and club president (Gail Burton), and club members (Mary Ann & Gary Epperly) regarding memorial proposal. "Pickleball courts in memory of Bill White"  Approved.

April 16, 2019: Visit from Channel 8 film crew to document Dallas Pickleball Courts.  Telecasted Friday the 18th.

June 8, 2019: Formal dedication of the pickleball courts in memory of Bill White. Bill represented the club and negotiated through the political process with the city of Dallas. Working together, city management and Bill designed and initiated the process leading to the construction of the courts we now enjoy as players. And for the city of Dallas, a wonderful addition for which we are very proud.  Thank you Bill!


Court Dedication to Bill White

On June 8th, 2019 the pickleball courts in Dallas were dedicated to Bill White. Click on the video below to watch the dedication.

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